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Claire Hawthorne

Licensed Massage Therapist

Deeply Devoted is thrilled to welcome Claire to the team! Though new to us, she has been successfully practicing full-time since she graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2017. Claire specializes in deep tissue massage techniques for athletes and others that seek targeted pain relief and assistance with post-injury healing. She is also delighted to offer more gentle, flowing, intuitive sessions for those clients seeking general relaxation. Claire is dedicated to making each session tranquil, effective, and uniquely tailored to meet her client’s individual needs. She integrates a variety of traditional massage techniques such as Swedish, trigger point therapy, reflexology, myofascial therapy, and Shiatsu. When Claire was a small child and was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was almost always “massage therapist for pets!” Although Claire now only works professionally massaging people, she loves to offer her therapeutic touch to dogs and cats in her free time (pro bono!). Claire enjoys weightlifting, yoga, hiking, dance and meditation as parts of her regular self-care practice.

"My sessions are tranquil & uniquely tailored."

Claire Hawthorne

Satisfied Clients!

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"Wow, I've had good massages, but the impact of Deeply Devoted was even better than I first thought. My body felt amazing during and after, but I realized as I was on my way home that my whole life-mood had shifted. A lot of heaviness I'd been feeling lately was dissipated, and I felt so much more confident, peaceful and hopeful! Your massage ushered in a very welcome little personal miracle."
-Sofia S.

Best Value Ever

"Marcie listens and responds! Her hands are magic - she makes the stress and tension disappear. The room is warm, inviting and comfortable. And the price is way less than what it should be. Best value ever! It's so great to be able to afford massages because I really need them in my active and stressful life! Thank you Deeply Devoted!"
-Noelle F.

Totally Relaxed

"Katie made my shoulder feel amazingly better! I have so much more range of motion and much less pain. She is miraculous! Thank you!! After graduation weekend in the food industry there was nothing better than a session with deeply devoted. Word can't express the relaxation I felt when I was done. Totally relaxed atmosphere and a great experience."
-Polly K.