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massage styles

Choosing your style

At Deeply Devoted, we use a variety of massage modalities and specifically tailor your session to fit your needs. Please review the massage styles we offer and integrate.

Swedish Massage

A soothing manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissue, using long, graceful strokes of varying pressure. By enhancing blood flow and increasing lymphatic circulation, this work helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, and removes metabolic waste. It boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation – wow!

Deep/Connective Tissue Massage

Slooow and deep, this work focuses on lengthening, spreading and differentiating the fascial components of the body. A more intense session, it can increase flexibility, increase range of motion and offer relief from chronic pain and postural habits.


In Japanese, Shiatsu translates as "finger pressure". Pressure is applied to specific points in the body's energetic pathways, and deep stretches are incorporated to move energy, revitalize organs, and elongate muscles. This work is traditionally done on a mat, but is elegantly incorporated onto the table.

Kinesthetic Awareness via Movement

Kinesthetic Awareness via Movement (KAM) involves playing with the motions of the body through the gentle rocking and creating of waves. Deeply relaxing work, it helps to re-educate the nervous system on a profound level. Focus is on individual joints, and the connection among joints in motion. Deeply relaxing, fun, joyful!

Trigger Point/Neuromuscular Therapy

Precise pressure is applied to specific areas of the muscle in order to release "knots", or myofascial dysfunction, within. It is widely used to assess, treat and prevent injuries and chronic pain in soft tissue. Intense, effective treatment.

Sports Massage

Athletes, improve your performance! Use short massage sessions before and after events to assist your body in preparedness and recovery. Use maintenance sessions between events to keep an edge on the competition! Tailored to individual needs, it can improve range of motion, keep muscles supple and ready for use, and super flush pain-causing toxins that have built up in the soft tissue.


Ever wanted a map of your body? Check the bottom of your feet! The belief behind reflexology is that various areas of the body have corresponding areas on each foot, where you can address any body congestion or tension indirectly.

Energy Work

You and your therapist work together to harness the energy of the nervous system, and to help your body restore its flow, its vital life force. Working with the electrical and magnetic activity of the body, this beautiful work seeks restoration, balance, and release.

Medical Massage

Typically a series of massages, medical massage uses very specific procedures for a specific, diagnosed symptom, and attempts to achieve measurable results. Some examples include sciatica, carpal tunnel and restless leg syndromes, pain from bulged spinal discs, postural imbalances, migraines, repetitive use injuries, and many more.

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Simply Amazing

"I have been going regularly to Deeply Devoted Massage for over two years because there is no better massage than what is provided there. The attention to detail and ability to find the sore spots that you have, or haven't even acknowledged yet, is nothing short of amazing. I will continue to make regular appointments and always look forward to each session. I also highly recommend the couples massage and the four hands massage!"
-Dan W.

Wonderful Experience

"I took advantage of a special price Deeply Devoted Massage offered when they first opened for business. I didn't really have any expectations, but I am happy to say I couldn't have been more pleased! From the minute you walk in the door to the time you float back out to the world, the Deeply Devoted experience is wonderful. The hour on the massage table is such a gift to the body. I get massages there regularly now and my body and my mind are better for it!"
-Rebecca D.


"I've had several therapists in my 25 years, and as an athlete and a total hedonist, I can honestly say Deeply Devoted is by far and wide the best massages I've ever had. The thoroughness and specific attention to problem areas ensures that I'm totally relaxed, and blissed-out. I always get excited after I schedule an appointment and from beginning to end I enjoy the heck out of my time on the table. Not only are the prices BEYOND reasonable, it's money WELL, WELL worth it. Literally as good as it gets, I don't just like Deeply Devoted, I LOVE DEEPLY DEVOTED!"
-Kate W.