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Massage Services

The Art of Touch, The Science of Healing

Experience massage, with a full menu of specialty services.

Solo Session

After a private consultation with your therapist, each session is individually tailored for your personal needs. Sessions usually incorporate an array of massage modalities, including Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, KAM, Sports Massage, Reflexology, and Energy Work. Solo sessions can easily accommodate for pregnancy and medical massage; please let us know at time of booking. Click here for an explanation of different massage techniques.

45 Minutes $70
60 Minutes $85
75 Minutes $100
90 Minutes $120
120 Minutes $170

Duet Session

What's better than a solo massage? Bringing a friend! This is a great way to share the experience of relaxation, healing, and peace with someone you love. This service is not bookable online, please e-mail or call to schedule. Prices listed include both people.

60 Minutes Duet $185
90 Minutes Duet $265

The Grateful Head

Let this luscious, ancient treatment from India transport you to places far, far away – all from the comfort of the massage table. Warm oils are gently massaged into your head and hair, focusing on specific pressure points along the scalp and ears. Your hair is softly tugged and pulled, shoulders deeply kneaded, and your face is delicately massaged – restoring you to optimal balance and harmony. You'll leave in a trance!

30 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $120

Sole Soul

Ever wanted a map of your body? Check the bottom of your feet! An ancient healing art, reflexology operates on the principle that areas of the body have corresponding areas on the feet, where you can address body congestion and tension indirectly. A foot rub that's good for the whole being! Ask about adding a heavenly foot soak to complete the experience.

30 Minutes $50
60 Minutes $100

Stoned Love

Melt your cares away with this comforting favorite. Smooth, water heated basalt stones are massaged slowly and methodically into your muscles, relaxing them and allowing access to deeper layers. Stones are also placed at key points on the body, promoting exquisite sedation that can relieve chronic pain and reduce stress. A grounding and healing experience.

75 Minutes $150

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"Wow, I've had good massages, but the impact of Deeply Devoted was even better than I first thought. My body felt amazing during and after, but I realized as I was on my way home that my whole life-mood had shifted. A lot of heaviness I'd been feeling lately was dissipated, and I felt so much more confident, peaceful and hopeful! Your massage ushered in a very welcome little personal miracle."
-Sofia S.

Really Fabulous

"My husband and I had a couples massage here and it was really fabulous. We both left feeling totally amazing. They took such great care of us! We were both kind of a mess, full of areas that needed attention, and we both felt like every single issue was handled perfectly. I had a bunch of spots that needed lots of pressure, and she just totally went for it. I also felt like she was extremely intuitive - she seemed to know exactly what I needed every step of the way. My shoulders in particular just always give me problems - and wow did she take care of them. I wanted to videotape it so I could show my husband so he could do that for me every day. Probably the best massage I have ever had!! We truly felt cared for, and can't wait to go back."
-Lola B.

Customer for Life!

"I went to Deeply Devoted because I was having neck problems. Nothing I had tried worked (including chiropractor and physical therapy). After my massage, my neck felt better instantly! I would highly recommend Deeply Devoted! I'm a customer for life!!"
-Amanda G.